Shadow Emotional Attribute


Shadow is an Emotional Attribute which represents the degree to which the character has aligned himself with the powers of Middle Earth, especially the Necromancer Mairon and the Master of the Fates of Arda, Melkor.

Shadow and Perception are the root of Sorcery, using the lower. Sorcery works rather differently in Arda than it does in Burning Wheel [Explanation To Be Announced]

Starting Shadow

Characters who have the Gifted trait may develop Shadow as an Emotional Attribute. This trait starts at a score of 0—Shadow is not required, just common! Players should answer a series of questions about their character to determine the trait level:

* +1 if the character has ever made regular, voluntary contact with a creature of Shadow.
* +1 if the character has ever killed another person.
* +1 if the character has ever committed great violence or treachery as part of a pact with a creature of Shadow.
* +1 if the character has ever been granted power by a creature of Shadow (willingly or not).
* +1 for having the Sorcery skill. An additional +1 is warranted if Sorcery is Grey Shifted.
* +1 for being a Black Numenorean.
* +1 for being an Orc.
* +1 for being disciple of Melkorism.
* -1 for being Dunedain or Elven.

The character may trade in five points of Shadow to shift the shade of the trait to Grey.

Advancing Shadow

Tests for advancing Shadow are earned through behaviour in play. If the character meets any of the conditions below, they mark down the advancement as if they had passed a challenge at the appropriate Obstacle.

Obstacle 1 Shadow Using the Sorcery Skill for any reason.
Obstacle 2 Shadow Physically causing harm to another person.
Obstacle 3 Shadow Using the sorcery skill to deceive or manipulate others, for any purpose. Paying tribute to an agent of the Shadow.
Obstacle 4 Shadow Using both violence and sorcery in compelling others for any purpose. Using the services of Shadow creatures to perform a eusocial act. Being touched by a Barrow Wight.
Obstacle 5 Shadow A use of sorcery which kills another person. Contacting a Maia of the Shadow for any purpose. Commanding a creature of Shadow to perform a service that leads to the injury of a person. Paying a creature of Shadow for its services, with a rational being.
Obstacle 6 Shadow Contacting Sauron for any purpose. Commanding a creature of Shadow to perform a service that leads to the death of a person. Being wounded by a Ring-Wraith.
Obstacle 7 Shadow Accepting an infusion of spiritual power from dark Maia or other shadow creature. Violating a woman. Being thrall to a Ring-Wraith.
Obstacle 8 Shadow Using the life of another to barter with Sauron. Accepting an infusion of spiritual power from a Ring-Wraiths.
Obstacle 9 Shadow Willingly embracing direct service to Sauron..
Obstacle 10 Shadow Putting to sleep the guards to the Door of Night, unleashing Morgoth upon the world and bringing about Dagor Dagorath.

Succumbing to Shadow

If a person ever reaches a Shadow of 10, his soul is forfeit. It gets pulled off of the wheel of Fortune and becomes an absolute slave to the power of Morgoth Bauglir, and those who wield it.

Calling on the Darkness

When spending a Deeds artha point to double dice, a character may instead add his Shadow exponent to the roll. For the purposes of advancement, this counts as if Shadow was tested against the Obstacle of the test being rolled against.

Shadow Emotional Attribute

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